changing trajectory.

The lady and I are heading out. Gonna hit the road and experience the states for a few days. The original plan was to hit up South Dakota and see buffalo and mountains. I REALLY want to go there. I still do even after changing the plans. I just don’t know how the weather and such is out there right now. I’ve been told it snowed already, which itself isn’t bad but if it’s just crappy cloudiness then it’s not worth going. As of right now we are shelving that trip for a warmer time. A time when there are clear skies and buffalo abound. Apparently I love buffalo. I just think they are the coolest things. Big, lumbering and still nimble enough to rip you a new asshole. I love it.

Anyway, I decided we will just go South. It’s actually faster to get to the Gulf of Mexico than it is to get to Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. Oh well. Warmer weather here we come I guess. Gonna get some pics of docks and that kind of life. It’s a different feeling down there. Hopeful the weather down there agrees with out trip. If not then we are probably just going to hit up South Carolina and see the family. Whatever we do it’s going to be a lot of hours in a car and some fun times.

By the way, the little header up on top of that picture was definitely inspired by the good man at DDC in Portland, Oregon. Check out his stuff here: DRAPLIN.COM

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