color me perfect.

I’ve been working on a new case for an old A Perfect Circle live DVD I made  around 2 years ago. Here is a peek back to that case: CLICK ME NOW! The old cover was never anything I loved because it was done in a rush and I didn’t get to really think it through. I was trying to finish it up as a present for my lady. She eventually received it and it was simple and effective but it always bugged me. Eventually I forgot about it.

I recently made a live Deftones DVD (to be posted soon) and as I was looking through the DVD’s I’ve created over the years I realized that the collection in general was lacking color. Most metal music DVD’s don’t really utilize color in a very vibrant way but I wanted to begin to change that. Deftones, Limp Bizkit, A Perfect Circle and Pantera are all the beginning of this colorful change.

Anyway, I will be posting photos and a digital layout of the new cover when I get it all nailed down. So far it all looks really good. Lots of textures, some bright colors and clean text are all things to be looking out for on this new DVD cover.

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