cursed posters.

I decided to make a Black Curse gig poster. No… we don’t actually have a show coming up but damnit, I wanted to make one anyway. I also have a confession to make regarding these. I didn’t bother to check out the actual address of The Arrow in Clyde. Yeah, dumb mistake and it’s going to bother nobody but me but I just thought I’d mention it. Anyway, there are two versions included in the post. I originally wanted a white version but upon playing with it in Photoshop I stumbled across a nice black iteration as well. Hit the jump to check them out. They are hot shit indeed. Let me know which is your favorite.

Most of the inspiration for this style of posters comes from my browsing of Check it out. I highly recommend it as it always has top-notch work displayed.

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2 Responses to “cursed posters.”

  1. gasper Says:

    i like the first 1. black, dirtier.

  2. david wilson Says:

    First one. Black one. Fo sho. I really like the textures used in the triangles. Nice!


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