the plague doctor.

Since I’ve been kind of busy putting the new portfolio together I happened to stop and realize I’ve have been slacking on my Black Curse duties. I have come up with only one shirt design and that’s just not enough. Yesterday I came up with shirt number two.

I had been thinking of a new design for a while and wasn’t coming up with much. While I was browsing around inside a Gamestop store to see what they had a clerk happened to start talking to me about some upcoming releases. He handed me a little promo piece for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and there was one image that really struck me on it. It had an image of a person in a mask with a long pointy nose.

Now, this isn’t the first time I had ever seen this kind of thing before but it did get me thinking. I got home finally and went right to work. I searched the net for some images and to try and find what they were even called. Didn’t find much in my initial search but I did eventually find my source material. The next morning I got to work.

I busted out the pens, inks, nibs, papers and all that good crap and just started drawing. Eventually I had the line art done and then I began inking it all in. It took forever. I went through a few different looks and finally had a finished product. I sat and looked at it and decided to say to hell with it and to make another one. The first stroke I made on the next one let out a huge blob of ink and it was ruined. Of course. Just my luck. Anyway, I went back through the whole process again and worked a little more carefully on the next one. This turned out to be the final inked image.

After I got all this good stuff dried and prepped for scanning I went to town with it. I pulled it into Photoshop, did some adjustments and then sent it over to Illustrator. I sat there and messed around with some settings and made it look pretty. Hopefully I will be getting this freak-show put onto a t-shirt soon. For now, check out the cool vector format. Thankfully not much was lost in the translation from raster to vector.

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