vacation over.

So I spent over a week getting away from the usual humdrum of Clyde but I also ended up getting a lot done. I hung out a lot with some killer people, printed way too much stuff, assembled about 3/4 of my new portfolio and then returned home. Lots of fun stuff in between. If you want more of a rundown on my Kent happenings then click here: DJW’s blog.

Anyway, I got home and have been working on getting some more portfolio stuff taken care off. Today I illustrated the new Black Curse shirt. We are doing the photo-shoot for those shirts tomorrow (hopefully). It’s a sick shirt. I am loving it right now. I got out the pens, nibs, ink and marker paper to throw down my signature crappy illustration style to whip up maybe one of the coolest shirts my mind has ever thought of. Pics of that to come soon.

Coming up on the blog soon:
1. My current photography set up
2. Black Curse t-shirt illustrations
3. Big John’s Big Freakin’ Truck Party 2 photos
4. Some good times Kent photos
5. Skies Bleed Black/Dog Days music video pics
6. New general photography
7.  Maybe something else I can’t think of right now

Keep an eye out for it all.

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