gettin’ it done.

Just like the lads above I am getting things done. They plant shrubs in some dirt, I plant graphics on paper. It looks like I’ll be hitting up Kent this week. Didn’t think I’d make it but it seems I can make it happen after all. Kustom Persuasion identity work is pretty much done at this point. I have to get some stuff printed for it and we are wrappin’ that beast up in a bow and sending it off for a while. Land of misfit designs kind of stuff. I don’t want to look at it for a little while (unless to admire from afar). Anyway, a few more printed pieces to create and then it’s total printing extravaganza while I am in Kent. Fun times. Now to hit the hay (it’s almost 3am). Pics of some early Kustom Persuasion work coming a little later today.

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