dirty living.

Dig that dirty mustache right there. You had better enjoy that picture because it’s gone now. I had to rid myself of all the dirt on my lip before I hit up Chicago last weekend. I made a trip to Dick Blick downtown to check out a new portfolio and such.

Although I didn’t end up purchasing a new case I did get to hang out with good pal Bruce. Met him and his wife and friends at a bar called Crossroads. It was a 3.5 mile walk from downtown and I loathed every step of it. I just kept walking not really knowing how much further it would be. Eventually I got there and we chatted, watched Virginia Tech beat up on Boston College and after that we visited his sick-nasty apartment. So jealous of that place. It just kicked my ass into gear wanting to get into a sweet spot like that.

Anyway, before meeting up with Bruce I just kind of roamed the city taking a few pics along the way. Then I decided to start scoping out skate spots. I found a few good ones. mostly sweet rails. There was also a breast cancer run starting up at Grant Park at 8am. Ridiculously early and I just happened to stumble upon it. Coolness, good for those crazy runners in the cold.

So after the cold and windy Chicago trip and once I got settled back in Cleveland I got to workin’ on the Kustom Persuasion stuff. More on that later. I got some prints and hopefully decisions will be made this week. Gettin’ stuff done real soon.

Coming up this week will be some Kustom Persuasion stuff, some new photos and maybe a new design piece. Then it’s off to Kent to print work and hang with the good buddy Dave. For now check out Empty Seats and view the cool pictures that are up for your enjoyment.

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One Response to “dirty living.”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    Dude! No reason to shave that stache… amazing. You should be a cop.

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