flyin’ high.

So, Whirlpool is behind me for the time being and I finally accomplished something. Big John’s Big Freakin’ Truck Party (2nd annual) is right around the corner. Sept. 11th to be exact. I was once again tasked with creating the promo pieces and whatnot associated with it. In the beginning I wanted to stick to a style similar to what was done last year (check it out here) but then it became so much better. Gone was that old-style poster look after a few days of toying with it and in came a fresh old-school newspaper look. I wanted to try some things I had never done before and it was definitely a challenge.

I’ve always enjoyed engraving and woodblock illustrations. The handmade look always appealed to me for some reason. Big header images on newspapers and letterheads always stuck with me when I’ve run across them in design books or online searches. So taking from this inspiration I decided to make the flyer for this years event a newspaper front page. It’s a little unconventional but in a way that’s one of the endearing parts of the piece.

The first work that I began to do after my research was the header image. I had an early idea of what I wanted but it changed and morphed into a very nice and simple image in the end. It’s perfect for the town and person it represents. The church used in the header image is also the church that John happens to be a member of. Then, after coming to some early drafts of the main image I began typesetting. I had never even attempted to lay out text in a newspaper style and it caught me a bit off guard at first. Luckily it was just me writing the “articles” or else it would have been a real pain fitting it all in the allotted space. The articles all have to do with John, a general overview of the party with specifics on times and food, and it also breaks down the rules for one of the more complicated events that will be featured. This makes it very engaging for the recipient of the flyer and also lets them familiarize themselves with the upcoming events. Finally I worked on an “advertisement” image that could be fit at the bottom to make sure that people know of the 50/50 raffle drawing and the rules that pertain to that.

After the general layout was worked into place I tweaked some elements such as images and the header picture. I added a newspaper name and began work on the mini-maps. The maps stayed largely the same as the last year map but there were some notable changes. The typefaces were changed to match the new direction of the flyer, Some small graphic elements were slightly tweaked and lastly I created a new compass rose to more closely fit the theme of this years flyer.

Overall it was a good experience. I got to create some work in a new style that I had never tried before and I believe it came out to be a very strong piece. It was printed on 11″ x 17″ colored/textured paper to give it that newspaper look and feel. In the end John loved it and that’s all that really matters. If you want to come to the party then it’s September 11th at his farm in Gibsonburg, OH. Shoot me a message and I can hook you up with some directions. Click the image below to see a larger version of the flyer which is a bit more legible than the images above.

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