weird day.

Had a bit of a weird day. It started out with me waking up and learning that I was going to a car show and hot-air balloon festival kind of thing in Findlay, OH. I brought my camera thinking this would be a cool time to get some photos. As Jason, Hesbo and I made our way to the park it started raining. We took an exit and went into an antique place to let the rain pass. Found some cool stuff (photo after the jump) and then continued our journey. Got to the car show and most of the cars were gone and there were no hot-air balloons. We don’t know if the balloons were even supposed to be there today. Although I didn’t get ANY pictures of them it was still neat to look at the older cars. There were lots of little issues with the cars that bugged me but they were still nice. After this we headed to the Lima-area to pick up some lights. Got em, had some grub, made our way back home and had some relaxing fun-times playing RockBand for the rest of the night. This morning, with the room still spinning, I looked through the photos. Instead of having some cool cars and stuff I had random signs and sunsets and driving hands. Still fun photos. Check it all out.

These were one of the coolest things I found at the antique store. Herman Miller Eames chairs. Pretty bitchin’ orange. Gonna sell em off to the highest bidder (Aimee) soon hopefully. Click the photo above to check out the chairs without text over them.

Above is Jason driving back to Clyde with the lights. Sweet tats and sweet conversation was all that was on the agenda for the ride home.

Finally I will leave you with another postcard shot I took. Fun times. I definitely have to make it back to the Findlay-area again soon.

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