miles away and back.

So… I had an interview yesterday. Nothing came from it really but that’s ok. That’s life. I am a little bitter about it though. In the end all this stuff could have been avoided by calling me as I suggested. Did they? No… not to find out anything about me at least. Whatever though. It was a nice day to drive and it was nice to have a 3rd day off of work. It got me in the mood for my road trip coming up. It’s happenin. Keep an eye out for it as I will be blogging from the road.

Also, I have been watching Helvetica when I go to sleep so I decided to attempt to use that font again with the above pic. I don’t think I’ve used Helvetica since I was a sophomore in school (2006). It’s got so many options though. Fun times. Hit the jump to see the only good thing that was photographed over the course of this little trip.

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One Response to “miles away and back.”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    BIG FAN of that sign pic!

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