how dare you.

Like I said before, steal from me and you will be found. Well, the time came when I found the thief… or at least his cousin. The kid was riding MY bike. Not for long anyway.

I was at my cousin Jake’s house yesterday. We set up the trampoline to fight on then we relaxed in his house with some TV. I get a call. It’s TBubbs telling me he just saw my bike ride by. I couldn’t believe it. I raced over to where he was and we jumped in his truck. Off we went to find the elusive Yellow Schwinn. After some misdirections and thought we went towards the park and the bike trails. At first it seemed as though they were gone then it struck us.

We were looking for a kid with a black shirt or a kid with no shirt and what we found was both. We didn’t know if we should drive up to them and confront them or to just jump out and run. I chose the 2nd option. I bolted out of the door, running as fast as I could. I jumped at the kid and he fell over. I didn’t hit him or anything he just fell over. I scared the holy hell out of this kid. I shouted a few choice phrases and he gave up the name of the thief. In the end the person I got the bike from has been very cooperative and kind of nice. I’m glad it didn’t come down to a fight. Sadly the story only begins here.

Next I took the bike home and then to the police station to fill them in on the situation. I had previously went there to file a police report and now I wanted it known I got my bike back. We got the serial number written down and then I said I wanted prosecution. This opened up a whole new can of worms.

To make a long story shorter, I now have to get a copy of the original bill of sale from the bike shop or else they could take my bike until somebody proves it’s theirs. If that can’t happen then they auction it. Not going to happen. Trust me on that. I am going to get that receipt tomorrow and in the end I will not prosecute the guy, even though he is older than 18 and SHOULD be prosecuted. I’m tired of it and I want it over with.

Pffft, thieves. Thinking they could steal from me. HA!

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