got it covered.

The PWRTrip cover is complete. Finally. After a few months of back and forth with the band, multiple album titles and ideas, sketches, refining and adjusting this thing is finally taken care of. Feels good to get it done. Now I’d like to create a whole CD packaging for it. I think the concept really allows for some fun ideas that would separate them from the pack right now. Whatever the case, this project is in the bag. Hit the jump for an explanation of the cover and to check out the illustration that sir AJ Sabino did an outstanding job on.

First off we have the cover. The album was originally titled “Medicine Head” and after a few failed attempts at finding a direction or cover for that title it all kind of fell apart. After stalling for about a month I was brought the title of “American Dream.” Now, the band had a concept in their head but I felt that I could bring it all together in a different light. I hear “American Dream” and I think of when the American dream was initially thought to be in full force, the good-‘ole 1950’s. Everyone wanted the house, the car then perfect children and all that stuff. I love the illustration style of that period so I wanted to incorporate that into the modern times. I came up with the idea of having the 50’s family, smiling and acting as if everything is ok and that their lives are great but behind them is their dream house being foreclosed upon and sitting in shambles. It really hits home with the current economic situation and this is what the song “American Dream” is about to me. We strive for that good situation no matter the cost to ourselves.

I also wanted to showcase the illustration here. I can’t say enough about AJ’s work, his style, his professionalism and his patience. I came to him with this idea almost 2 months ago and while this one also stalled for about a month we pounded it out in a very fast time when it came down to it. He managed to find the elements that are key to the 50’s style and bring them into a modern illustration through his coloring techniques and line work. The facial expressions, the clothing, the stances… it’s all good stuff that further pushes my original concept. I am very pleased with how this piece of work came out. Check it out and then check his other work out by going to his website (link located on the right of this page).

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