rusty progress.

I’ve always noticed a bunch of illustration on my favorite album covers. I think this is what has spurred me to attempt “painting” an old picture I took. It’s coming along nicely I suppose. This is my first real attempt at painting something digitally. I have to say it’s coming out better than my usual pen/ink/watercolor work so I am happy about that. I will post the final version when it is done. I was hoping that would be tonight but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Keep an eye open for it soon.

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One Response to “rusty progress.”

  1. AJ Sabino Says:

    Hey hey, looking good, dude.

    I especially like the background so far, looks really textured and sets the polished car apart from the background. I’m curious to see how the grill turns out, since it’s a large piece of the composition. I like where the windshield is going, just make sure it doesn’t get too “muddied” if you keep working on that part of it.

    Short and sweet, I’ll let you know what I think of the original. While I like your other illustration work, I do have to agree that this is one of your best pieces.

    A worthy experiment, hopefully it leads you to do more work like this! With all of your photos, you have lots of reference to choose from.

    Very cool so far, looking forward to the final.


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