fly away.

To fly away…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful? I wish I could just take off on some journey with some friends right now. Just go and be carefree taking photos along the way. I kind of did that this past week. I went up to Kent and visited some friends. Got snowed in, shoveled out, took some photos, ate some delicious food and was on my way back towards Cleveland. I then stayed with the lady for a while. Fun times with her as always. I love spending time with the friends I don’t often get to see anymore.

The little graphic above was created this morning out of pure boredom. I’m going to try and post some kind of graphic or logo or something on the days when I have nothing else to post. It keeps me sharp-minded and keeps me skilled with the programs.

By the way, I’m still looking for a job. It’s rough out there but I’m hoping I can get a lead sometime soon. I would love to just get in somewhere and work. I like work. It sucks when someone who really wants to work in their field just can’t find an in ANYWHERE. Oh well, I shall just soldier on for now.

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One Response to “fly away.”

  1. Trevor Mill Says:

    Really interesting image, great texture, black dove on the water (biblical?, Noah?).
    The type needs to be a bit bolder…

    Keep on looking, if you care enough it should come. I was unemployed for around two years at the start of my career, after leaving college. You’ll feel a bit lost, the only thing I’d do is keep on trying to do real work even if it’s for free, that way you’ll have stuff to show. I got myself an exhibition of paintings – that certainly fills up the time!

    Good luck

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