becoming a collector.

I’ve wanted to get a picture of all my guitars for a while and since I just got my wall hanger put into the wall I figured now is the best time to do it. Upon doing this little photoshoot I realized I am slowly becoming a guitar collector. I don’t really like to have  two of the same guitar style and, as of right now, all my guitars have a unique sound to them.

Anyway, let’s get to the goods here.

Left to right:

1. Harmony acoustic – I bought this thing after my high school graduation. It was my third guitar at the time and I just really wanted to be able to lay down some acoustic riffs when necessary. Sadly it goes out of tune a LOT because of some neck issues. That’s most of the reason it was 10 or 20$ when I bought it.

2. Telecaster  – I’m not really sure what brand this guitar actually is. I’ve began loving Tele’s lately because they just have a nice clean old-school look. This one came to me as my most recent purchase and I have already had to fix it. I bought it with a broken tone control which I’ve fixed, I added 1972 fender Telecaster Deluxe knobs and a Telecaster style pickup switch knob. It will soon get a new pickguard and a candy rootbeer paint job courtesy of a car painting musician buddy. Maybe someday down the line it will get a new bridge set for it too. It’s kind of rusty and whatnot but oh well for now.

3. Ibanez RG270DX – This guitar is a beast. I got this as a present one year from my mom. She always thought that me playing guitar might be a phase but when she realized it wasn’t she splurged a little bit and bought me the guitar of my dreams. Over time it’s gotten a nasty little crack in the neck but it’s still playable. It has a Floyd Rose system on it and I love that about it. I’ve also added EMG 81/85 pickup combination to it. The middle pickup is just for looks so I wouldn’t have an empty hole in the guitar. By the way, it’s “Midnight Blue” and not purple. The purple effect actually comes because of it’s sparkly effect in the paint.

4. Washburn DIME 332 – This guitar was my 4th guitar. My friend was borrowing it from his cousin and I borrowed it from him. I fell in love with it. I made it a goal of mine to make sure I could buy this guitar. It plays so smooth and it just feels really comfortable. I just couldn’t pass up buying a Dimebag guitar either. He’s a legend and his playing has been a real inspiration to me and my style. The white lines are just white artist’s tape. I couldn’t actually bring myself to paint on that guitar. I was pleasantly surprised when I bought the guitar and it came with a really nice hardshell case. The case is probably worth 80$ alone and it was essentially free.

5. Venom Stratocaster – This was my first guitar ever. I bought it because I had a broken arm and I needed to do a little rehabilitation on it. Plus my mom wouldn’t let me have drums. She figured it would be “too loud.” Little did she know I could make the guitar go just as loud and be just as annoying with it as drums might be. Anyway, this guitar used to be blue with a white pickguard. It was just your general, all-purpose guitar. Nothing special about it. I never really liked Strat-styled guitars because I always felt that EVERYONE had one. I always wanted something a little different and I think I’ve accomplished that. I laid out in a previous post how this thing went through a nice transformation to become something I now quite enjoy looking at.

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