diggin’ through the trash.

While looking for some white boards and stuff for photos the other day I found some old illustrations from way back in school. One I took my time on, did the studies and practiced and one was quite literally last moment. Judge for yourself.

This first one is depicting the word “fake.” It’s my usual pen and ink and it has a bunch of little goodies to explore in the large version.

This piece is for shoes. It was open to any shoes and any theme. I chose ping-pong because it’s amazing and the ratty shoes that I drew were the only pair of sneakers I had at the time. Oddly enough I tried drawing other pairs of shoes but the simpler the shoes got the worse I was at drawing them.

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One Response to “diggin’ through the trash.”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    I still really enjoy the fake one.

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