burger heaven: Bloodshot Burger.

Hi, my name is Ed and I’m a burger addict.

Actually, I just love cooking them and trying new and fun things. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating them too but it’s not like I eat them everyday. I make them for other people and just generally love the experimenting side of it all. Today I decided to go ahead with a fun take on a burger that I’ve been wanting to make recently. For right now this burger is going to be dubbed the “Bloodshot Burger.”

I have this fun dream where one day I will be living in a city and be able to use my time and resources to craft quality custom and delicious hamburgers for hungry workers out on the streets and at building sites. Why I chose this particular destination instead of a restaurant I don’t really know. Maybe because of my working class roots and fondness for those types of people. Maybe it’s because I feel a good burger is better appreciated by hard-working men and women. Whatever it is, that’s my goal.

Anyway, I will go ahead and run down the burger for y’all.


1. Burger – I used a simple, pre-packaged burger for this because I am mostly just seeing what flavors work and stuff and don’t feel like testing it out with wonderfully tasty expensive beef product.

2. Toast – I use wheat toast instead of buns. I don’t like being overloaded by bread and such so a simple wheat toast (NOT TEXAS TOAST) will do the trick without having an overwhelming flavor and allowing the burger to really speak for itself.

3. Sauce – The sauce I whipped up for this burger is nothing spectacular but it did give a really good flavor. It is a combination of Miracle Whip with red food coloring, crushed red pepper flakes and Bacon Bits. Once again, Bacon Bits are used instead of the more expensive real bacon for this test run.

4. Cheese – Mmmm… cheese. I love cheese. Mozzarella was used here.

5. Egg – One egg is used as a sort of a topper of the burger. I know Red Robin does a burger or two with egg but I honestly didn’t know that at the time I started experimenting with burgers and egg flavors. Regardless of who did it first it is still a fantastic flavor combo. I mix one egg with a splash of milk, a pinch or two of black pepper, a couple shakes of the red pepper flakes and scramble it up. This particular egg got a little burnt as I just forgot to turn off the burner when it was done cooking.

I think that’s it for the Bloodshot Burger. I make fun burgers all the time so if you are in the mood for a good mixture of flavors then hit me up sometime and I can give you something to try out for yourself.

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One Response to “burger heaven: Bloodshot Burger.”

  1. Aimee Crane Says:

    Omg Eddie. You are nutty. Cheeseburgers are the best in the world.

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