road trippin’ down South.

This past weekend I went on a quick trip to South Carolina with my uncle to pick up a motorcycle. What I figured would be a quick trip in the car was what happened but we did encounter a little bit of fun along the way. The trip to the new cycle took about 10 hours and all was well. We headed through the mountains, drove through some tunnels and made our way across five states in all.

Along the way we managed to sample some of the locals at a small gas station nestled in the mountains. Fun times indeed. Nice people, beautiful landscapes but sadly the snow still remained.

After a bunch more driving, we picked up the motorcycle and ventured back North a bit to another of my uncles’ home. There we met some Southern characters and had some fun. The stories that were shared were classic and the things said, well… some were insane. I will leave it at that. There was, however, this beautiful Yellow Harley-Davidson Panhead motorcycle sitting in the garage. Instantly my uncle began to rethink his most recent purchase. As we all sat around talking I decided to get my camera out of the cold and take a look at some of my images I had already taken. After that was done I just started taking pictures of this gorgeous motorcycle. Below are just a few of what I managed to get.

We left South Carolina the next morning after some sleep and some chatting. It really wasn’t warm down there but at least it was sunny and green. It was hard to leave that because we knew we had a few more months of snow and ugliness ahead of us at home. We set out anyway and began our journey home.

I knew that we’d be heading through the mountains again and planned accordingly, this time being prepared to get some shots when we were at the top of one of the mountains. I’ve taken this route to see my family before so I knew there was a point in the trip with a beautiful view of a valley at the base of a mountain. On the way North the road has a few points in which there is almost no obstruction of your view and I took advantage of that. Seeing this view made the boring 20-some hours total in the car worth it.

You could just see for miles. It was insane. I can’t totally remember but I think we were in North Carolina when this photo was taken, but it also could have been Virginia. Whatever state it was it was amazing.

I’m looking to go back soon. The warmer weather is returning to the area and skateboarding should be happening. Planning for the next trip South begins now.

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