What I have here are some concert DVD’s that I decided needed to be created. I do not intend to sell these. They are purely for fun and for trading purposes. I like to keep the bootleg community alive and this is my most recent contribution to it all.

The first is from Limp Bizkit’s Rock Am Ring performance this past summer in Germany. It features the full reunited lineup and is pretty high-energy throughout. The DVD case and menu system mimic each other nicely. The back part of the case seems like the words are more red than the spine but that’s just because there was less light shining on it in the photo. The front image and large image on the back were taken by Fred Durst’s brother, Cory Durst. Other photos were found through flickr.

This next DVD case was created by me about one year ago as a present for Nancy. We both really like A Perfect Circle and I found this random concert online in VIDEO_TS form. I downloaded it and it wasn’t one I had seen before and it was in desperate need of some good-quality menus and artwork. I just went with the theme from their first album, Mer De Noms, and tried to recreate that look and feel for the DVD since all the songs are from that album. The logo was recreated by me too because I could not find one in decent form online. It’s really nothing too special but it is nice, clean and has a theme that correctly fits the bands old look.

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One Response to “bootleggin.”

  1. AJ Sabino Says:

    Very nice, dude. Can’t wait to see what else you come up. Any more planned?

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