holiday woes.

WARNING: There are a lot of complaints in this post. I just had to get it out though. Read at your own risk.

Man, the holidays have hit and they’ve hit HARD. My little angel of death (above) has granted me all sorts of bad luck. First, and most importantly, my car has died… kind of. I guess it still runs but it’s not well and it’s knocking and sounds as if something is rattling in the engine. There is no time to get it looked at and no money to get it fixed. Perfect for the guy who is looking for a job… yeah, right.

Read on if you feel like getting a bit more depressed.

Secondly, my computer decided it didn’t want to burn DVD’s anymore. LAME. I did find a random workaround for it but upon reading more about this “fix” it seems it’s not guaranteed and may have to be applied more than once. Whatever keeps the DVD’s comin out though.

More shit rolling downhill is the fact that I still haven’t gotten the stickers printed for PWRTrip. The sticker joint I’m trying to print with hasn’t gotten back to me yet with a new quote. I want to get this taken care of and done. I’d like to see a finalized product and I’m fairly certain it will look nice.

I guess my last bit of sucking has to be that I hate the cold weather. It ruined my battery life when I was out taking photos. I got very few photos and when I went to get one I really wanted to do it died. Not even one photo. Ugh, until next time.

Pictured below are MY holiday cookies from the Tyna cookie baking extravaganza from the past weekend. I made an angel on fire, a camel on fire, a tree on fire (all presumably from the burning hell-sent angel) and finally a colorful star and a nice tree with orange “lights.” Haha, I initially resisted getting in on the painting and such but then I realized I could do whatever I wanted in reality so I got right in there and these monstrosities came out.

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