UPDATE: The painting has been changed slightly. Check the “see more” at the bottom of the post to see the new images. It’s just some extra shading and more border but I think it really helps it out.

I just finished watching the “Roots” mini-series a couple days ago and, to my surprise, it was really good. I bought it for my mother last year and she said it was good but I had never heard anything about it other than that. I had seen the DVD box-set a bunch of times since I’ve been home and I finally decided to give it a watch. I now recommend anyone who is interested in it to definitely seek it out. It’s epic in length, around 12 hours if memory serves me correct, but it’s so good. I’ll leave it up to you to look it up to find out what it’s all about.

Anyway, I was super bored today and wanted to paint something. I decided to go ahead and try to ink and then watercolor the poster or cover or whatever it is of Roots. The image is of LeVar Burton in chains when he is being shipped to America for slave sale. My image didn’t really come out looking like LeVar, or the basic cover image for that matter, but I do really like it anyway. I haven’t decided if I want to watercolor it yet. That might have to come later. I’m kind of afraid of ruining the ink work that I’ve already done. Oh well, here’s an image of it while I was still working on it. Sorry I didn’t get one earlier in the process. I got caught up in the moment of something looking pretty good.

Click read more to see another in-progress image and the final version.

And now, here is the final completed image… seriously this time.

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