album art, round three.

It’s been a while since I have done any kind of post relating to stuff I like to see out in the world. This time I thought I would try and showcase some stuff that most people aren’t into or that they just haven’t really seen much of. Black Metal and Death Metal music and their album covers are usually quite expressive and have themes that often deal with religion or death and gore. Very few bands have their artwork worth mentioning though because, to me, it often just comes across as juvenile in the execution of it all.

Behemoth is a band that always impresses me with their artwork. It’s “tastefully” done, if that can actually be said about this stuff. Check into them. They are a pretty kickass band. Here is the artwork for their latest album “Evangelion.”

Their art is always featuring some amazing creature or person on the front and it just sucks me in every time.


Hit read more to see a few more selections that feature more religion-based art or more violent, gore-filled works.

Another band that caught my eye recently was Destruktor. they album “Nailed” has that same type of woodblock-etched feel as the Behemoth album, with a little more violence and straight-ahead religion thrown in the mix.


The packaging for the vinyl “Nailed” album is pretty sweet as well. The CD artwork is made into a picture disc and a new album cover was developed. I actually like this setup a lot more but that’s because this is more of a full package rather than a tiny booklet and a CD.


Below is artwork for a tribute album to Venom along with a few other band’s that I thought had some decent illustration work to showcase.





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One Response to “album art, round three.”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    All you need in your life is Cannibal Corpse artwork… ha!

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