frustration is setting in.


Clyde… What can I say about this place. Not too much. As you can see there are some fields and such but other than that it’s pretty boring. I’ve been pushing myself to go look for fun photo opportunities lately but nothing much is happening. I like the idea of documenting where I live but honestly it’s a pretty generic, boring place to take photos in. It’s not all bad though. It gives me time to work on fun projects like fonts and soon some t-shirt illustrations and graphics and also some CD packaging artwork.

I can go to an interview in Chicago on Wednesday but I don’t know if I would have a place to live if I got the job so I’m still debating on going or not. It would require me to stay at my uncles again and all through the holidays and I don’t feel like putting that kind of burden on them again. Who knows though. I apply to lots of places, usually with no response of any type in return. It is definitely frustrating to say the least. Oh well. For now, here’s another picture from good old Clyde, Ohio.


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