steady as she blows.

So… Steadfast is nearing completion. I have one more glyph to create and then I have to decide what to do with the “lowercase” letters. Right now they are a sort of small caps but I am thinking of just bumping it to the regular size, so that the font can be mixed and matched at the designer’s whim. After that, I begin making the “dirty” version, which in reality won’t take long at all since there will be no ligatures in that one. After talking about it with some colleagues we decided that it would just be too cluttered and, well, dirty. Haha. Really it is just a lot of work and right now I am not up for it. I actually sit on my floor and do this because I don’t have a desk right now. It hurts. My back and neck can’t handle another 15-20 hours of this stuff right now. Maybe in the future, maybe not. It’s almost done though and I’m really proud of what it has become. I feel it’s one of, if not, my best typeface yet. It’s really advanced for how long I’ve been making fonts. I never dreamed I’d be doing this kind of stuff and definitely not doing it all by myself. Who knows… maybe someday I will be House Ind. bound. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. For now, check out a little pic I made out of a random set of splatter and the new font. Enjoy.


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