new font: Steadfast.

I am currently working on a new typeface to go in my illustration category. I wanted to be the sole designer with this font because of two reasons: I wanted to get it done when I want it done and with the revisions I want and because I didn’t want to have to bug my illustration buddies to get it done for me.

Anyway, I sat and just drew letters one night. Lots of letters. There are lots of failed letters and there are lots of alternate letters. Right now I am just working on the base of the font. The individual letters will be a more standard affair but then I will begin working on different letter pairings that will include alternate versions of letters and with different splatters and such to make for a more unique typesetting experience. Keep a look out for all this as it will be a big project for me to undertake in the coming weeks. Here’s a quick preview of some of the letters. Enjoy.


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One Response to “new font: Steadfast.”

  1. AJ Sabino Says:

    Looks awesome so far, dude. Looking forward to the finished product for sure.

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