more rainy day boredom.

Another absolutely dreadful day in Clyde brings about another round of photos. They pretty much represent the day that Nancy and I had, which was boredom and some random driving and snapping photos. Not much else to do with this weather and that good ole’ no-job-having business that I seem to be in right now.


There was a random cemetery that we saw along a country road. I wanted to stop so I jumped out and snapped some pics. Lots of old gravestones there.


Sadly, this image of the barn doesn’t look very good on this blog. It’s supposed to be a bit brighter on the actual structures and you can see the hawk in the air better in the larger version.


This “statue” is really a neat grave marker at the creepy cemetery. I thought it looked pretty neat and beat up. I don’t really know how old it was as I didn’t bother to look at anything but the figure. I kind of went for an old Black Sabbath album cover kind of feel for the photos.



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