font madness.

Got some random goodies here for y’all. First things first… I want to congratualte myself on purchasing a new 1TB external harddrive for all my design and photography work. It wasn’t really needed but eventually it will be so I figured I had better get it now while I had the time to set it up just the way I want to.

OK, back to business. As the title implies I have some font stuff for download. Well, Solidario still isn’t finished but I’ve decided to throw it up for download anyway. It is the first, or fourth depending on what you count, in my illustration based typefaces. The general design of the letterforms was done by Lou Barberio. As of this post being published I am still waiting on numbers and punctuation so I can finish it. I will also be working on a mass amount of ligatures for it to help space out letters and words better and in more fun ways. Download it be clicking on the image below. Also, if you find any issues with the font then shoot me a message so I can fix them right away. Enjoy.


Next up is a font preview from my main man David Wilson (link for his blog at right) and his font is based off of some lettering I saw him doing at his apartment one day. I liked it, said he should draw it up and send it my way and he did, sort of. Right now it’s just CAPS and lowercase but it’s getting there. I have also created a few ligatures in there to play with. There will be more to come with this font too. Check it out.


Ok, enough of this madness. I am hoping to get these fonts finished up quickly but I am waiting on my two illustrator buds to send it all my way. When it’s done, then final builds of the font will be available for download.

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