things coming up.

I wanted to give a little update to some things coming up soon.

I just did the photos for Big John’s Big Freaking Truck/SUV Party and I will say some came out well and some not so much. Oh well. I will be editing a large amount of photos very soon and will have a bunch up here for viewing soon. A lot of photos are from an obstacle course event. They are really good. Fun stuff indeed. The truck drags didn’t get such good photos. Dark trucks, flying past me in really dim light didn’t make for good photos, especially when the sun was setting behind the trucks. Oh well. Good times. I even managed to get my 2000 Ford Focus out in the field as the sun was going down and I did about 4 races. I even beat one of the trucks. Made him look silly. Good times. I hope there is another one next year. I will come for sure.

Anyway, look out for those photos soon.

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