a sign of fun, for one.

I don’t know if I could really call this “illustration” but whatever. I painted it and did the drawing and artwork on it so whatever.

Anyway, I wanted to create a sign for my retired grandfather because he does a lot of work in our garage. He likes to rip apart pallets made of wood so we can use it in the winter to heat the downstairs of our house. Right now he has a whole garage filled up and he enjoys it all because it keeps him busy and we enjoy it because it keeps him active. I figured if he has a workshop then he needs a proper sign to make it truly his place. It’s not supposed to be “amazing,” just something kind of cool for him. The full image doesn’t really showcase the colors in a correct way but oh well. The close-up images are much more correct to the colors.

I used spray paint and acrylic on a piece of diamond-plated steel.




The stencil work I did for this wouldn’t sit directly on top of the metal because of the diamond-plating so it kind of feathered out from the letters but I didn’t mind. I just used the acrylic to outline the letters in the correct way. It was REALLY hard to paint on that metal. Straight lines were almost impossible.

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