a new update on life.

Oh man, how time flies…

I haven’t been up to too much lately. It’s the same old story of looking for places to work and sending the resumé in hopes of getting a reply. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s been nice. I get to see some work from different studios and really get a feel for where I would fit in and here I might not. That has been neat. The replies are coming rather slowly though. I guess that’s just life right now. Nobody wants to hire anyone and take a chance on some random out of state kid. Oh well. Soon enough, it will all happen.

For my time here in Clyde though it’s been filled mostly with hanging with my cousin. He’s been a blast. We play some video games, skateboard, ride dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. I really don’t know why I am doing all that with no health insurance but oh well. I have to keep myself busy and entertained. We all just went to a quarry to ride yesterday, it was fun times indeed. I’d love to go back and get photos of us all doing it next time. I think I’ll need a waterproof case though because it can get quite muddy and I can’t afford a new camera right now. If I’m not hanging with him though then my time is usually spent here at home, painting or hanging with my mom. Boredom indeed but it is ok.

Coming up I will be going to Kent to get some photos of a skater doing an 8-stair gap (hopefully) and if all turns out well then maybe I will turn them into some promo style stuff. Good photography always helps out that good design. It makes it THAT much easier.

Check back soon for more work such as paintings, photos and some design.

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