newly completed Honda ads.

Ok, so as promised I created more conceptual Honda ads. There are 3 total. The basic concept behind them is to take a rider (my cousin, but made to appear as a professional) and set them in a more modest setting such as a backyard or something more realistic to what most riders will be at. The usual setting for Honda’s dirtbike ads are at a track or showcase somebody doing a huge jump or racing. From my experience a lot of riders just like to roam around random backyard “tracks” and trails in local wooded areas. I wanted to cater more to those types of people and this is what I came up with.

The first ad was created to showcase a rider engaging in any exciting activity with this picture showing a wheelie. The image along with the tagline “Get out and ride” evoke a sense of excitement and are meant to stimulate you to go out and ride the dirtbike. The clothes and backyard setting help further the sense of “do-it-yourself” riding that people do around their homes.


This second ad was a challenge because I wanted to create a two-page or fold-out style ad. I didn’t want 3 standard, vertical layouts for all of these. I wanted something to shake up the order. I chose this image because it showcases the motorcycle more than other pictures. They are ads for a Honda dirtbike after all. The tagline, once again, is meant to give a sense of excitement and get the reader to go ride.


This third and final ad was created to fill a different void that the others couldn’t do. The first ad represented the more trick oriented riders with the image of the wheelie. The second ad showcased the motorcycle as a general object. This ad shows the racing side of riding while still setting a mood of excitement and the possibility of doing it at home. The position of the rider on the dirtbike, along with the dust that is being kicked up gives the feeling of speed and danger that racing often brings. The tagline also relates to these feelings as racing will often get a rider very dirty because of all the dust that is put into the air.


Overall, through the main imagery and basic type elements I was able to create a stunning, yet simple series of advertisements for the Honda Corporation. The images really speak for themselves and the striking red that they are known for really stands out and commands attention on the page.

Now if only Honda would come calling and hook me up with a job…

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One Response to “newly completed Honda ads.”

  1. jacob hamilton Says:

    hey ed its jake i saw what you did to the pics of me riding and how you made it look like an add i think it looks sweet.:)

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