big john’s big freakin’ truck party: print work.

New project to update y’all with. My mother’s fiancé is having a birthday bash in the form of a truck party and I am in charge of creating the promo flyers and the photography for the event. I worked long and hard last night and this morning on creating a good look for the party starting with the handouts.

I wanted to go with the old poster-style look for a couple reasons. The first reason is that it stands out and it’s fun. It gives a sense of it being a “real” event. The second reason is because there is a LOT of information. This style just seemed to really fit the information amount. Also, because it’s a truck and SUV event I felt that the font choice also related well to it all. It’s Block Berthold and the rounded, almost degraded edges have a dirty feel to them.


The back is purely for directions. A simple map was created because most people are already from the area and should know where he lives anyway. Clean lines and a simple compass was created to give direction and keep the map from getting too cluttered. Block Berthold was used in this as well.


Photos from the event will be coming once the event is over. I may be creating a book of it all and trying to sell some photos as well.

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    […] with it. In the beginning I wanted to stick to a style similar to what was done last year (check it out here) but then it became so much better. Gone was that old-style poster look after a few days of toying […]

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