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“It’s better to have too much than too little.” Ha! Those were the words of my mother when referring to the mass amount of leftover beer from my small graduation BBQ. Just in case you can’t tell, that beer goes 3 cans deep and 4 tall plus other random beer cans spread throughout. It’s a lot of leftover beer. Lots were consumed too though. Maybe I should have some friends over for a Clyde party??? Anyways…

What do I do now? Graduation is over. I’m officially done with school right now. It feels weird but not too weird. Honestly I felt done with school while still in school last year. I didn’t do much last year except some general classes and worked on my minor. It was an easy year. Fun too. My summer was overall good as well. I liked going to work everyday and I think that is all anyone can ask for. Now it’s on to that bitchin’ job search. I enjoyed my two weeks off. It was wonderful. I hung out with the lady a lot and the family too. Got to spend great time with the friends before the graduation. I will definitely be heading back to Kent soon to spend more time with everyone while still doing job search stuff.

I will be posting some new photography and design stuff in the near future. I will be working on more portfolio stuff and have some old pieces I need to upload and show off. All in good time. That’s all for now, enjoy.

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One Response to “news and such.”

  1. Aimee Crane Says:

    Hey Eddie, I was visiting up North and I almost stopped in Clyde over the weekend. I had never been there. We were just cruising through. Didn’t know if you were around. Maybe I will see you in Kent soon. I am glad graduation went well. Congratulations!

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