unemployed project fun.


Unemployment. This sucks. I am now done with my internship, having completed it on Thursday August 6. It was a fun time for sure this summer and the people will be missed. Moving ahead now. Looking for that elusive job to help pay the bills. I really don’t want to get a job unless it has to actually do with design right now. I am in that mode and to get out of it and shift focus would be real lame.

Now that I’m home I’ve begun doing some much needed or wanted projects around the house. First, Nancy and I cleaned my room. It had a LOT of stuff in it. Some clothes and whatnot from high school still. So a lot went this summer, about 5 trash bags in total and 2 trash bags full of stuff for Goodwill as well. It was definitely a big undertaking over two days. I also began taping off and painting an old guitar amplifier. I wanted to paint it red. I don’t know why it just came to me. Originally it was just black and brass colored with a dirty grey chicken wire fencing around the front. I liked the way that looked so I kept the wire but decided to make it white. It really stands out and pops off now. It looks really good. Notice the bitchin’ red guitar behind it that it just happens to match now.



So other than this I have been pretty busy too. I got home on Friday the 7th at like 2 in the morning. That kind of sucked being in the car for six hours right after working for 7 hours and taking a train ride for an hour, but oh well. All was well. I went to Pennsylvania so far to meet more of Nancy’s family. Fun times. I may be going to Columbus with my uncle today. I kind of want to slow down and relax a bit but there is only a week and a half to go until graduation and I still have to go to Kent to finalize some stuff and get some stuff ready. Busy busy bee I guess.

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