sharing the wealth.

I know a lot of designers and creatives like to check blogs, websites and all that good crap. I do too. It’s fun, easy and it tends to get your creative juices flowing. I search around the internet for decent design related blogs that are constantly updated. It is surprisingly hard to find that combination. I wanted to take some time to help you and share a sample of links that I’ve come to enjoy and check/use often.

A UK design mag’s blog. Constantly updated with good material.

ColourLovers blog. Fantastic color palette resource. Also has a pattern creator. Sign up, get into the action and start loving it.

House Industries blog. Why? I really don’t think that needs to be answered. It is just that awesome of a place. My dream job is this place. Check em out and while you are there spend some money on their goods. It’s worth it.

The DDC. Draplin Design’s blog. This one isn’t going to be one for everyone. This guy has a real specific style and he likes to put it to use. I enjoy both his design and his humorous writing.

The Vector Lab’s blog is a cool place to snag some free vectors and also some stock vector packs to help all of us designers create the cool shit that we create.

MyPhotoshopBurshes is a cool little Ps resource place. It has lots of brushes, patterns, shapes and etc.

Designers Toolbox is a cool place to get both print and web design resources. It also has a section aimed to help out designers in other ways.

Layers Magazine Tutorials are a very good collection of tutorials for any Adobe CS program. They have both video and web-based tutorials to help with just about any issue you may have. Very helpful.

Last is Smashing Magazine. It is just a damn cool website with lots of stuff to check out.

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