notorious: the nutty detectives.

The illustration just keeps pouring in from me lately eh? I can handle it. I did enjoy SOME illustration things back in school. Sadly, the ones I enjoyed usually did not net me a good grade in the end. Whatever. It takes a special person to recognize the genius work that comes from my hands.

Ok, so in Illustration 1 we were assigned a series of “fruit spots” to create using watercolor. I basically dicked around for a while, maybe around 2–3 weeks, drawing and watercoloring random little things. Not really caring. The project didn’t seem very pressing at the time. All of a sudden, I hear that the illustrations are due in a week. I now scramble through my paper to find SOMETHING worth working on for final versions. Now, I really hadn’t been drawing too much fruit in this time. Truthfully I had been talking with Sweet Lou a lot and watching him work on his stuff since he’s totally bitchin.


I noticed when flipping through my pages that the only thing that stood out to me was these characters I was drawing based on nuts. I originally had a “Sherlock Holmes” (almond), Evil Knievel (pistachio), and maybe another. I can’t remember. I also did some random fruit versions that melded an orange with a top hat and monocle that looked like Mr. Peanut’s gay lover. Anyway, I showed these awesome sketched out things to our teacher and he basically told me to roll with it since I had nothing else of value. Well, I did. I worked at them, perfecting them to the best of my abilities. I ended with a series I called “The Nutty Detectives.”

My series included Shernut Holmes, Carmen Pistaciego and Ace Nutura. I turned these watercolored things in as my final piece. It was ridiculous. I was the last to get critiqued on our due date as well, which made it all sweeter. I still remember our teacher, Doug Goldsmith getting to my hanging images and just saying something about saving teh best for last or just “now we get to these.” Whatever he said isn’t totally what I remember. It was more of the feeling of tension in the air. Nobody knew what to think of them. Everyone else drew table settings with fruit or nuts, traditional fruit spots or just something else to do with the actual fruit. Not me. I just said to hell with it and I went all out. I laughed and just explained them as best I could. The funny thing with all this is that Carmen San Diego wasn’t the detective. She was the thief. Now, I should have known this because I watched the game show, cartoon and played the games back when I was younger but that thought eluded me when Iw as searching for that mysterious 3rd person to paint. Oh well. It wasn’t brought up until about a year after I turned it in. I hung it on my wall and it was pointed out. Whatever. Enjoy these things after that long story.

Shernut Holmes

Shernut Holmes

Carmen Pistachiego

Carmen Pistachiego

Ace Nutura

Ace Nutura

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