big photo update.

Fridays. What a fun day. I will sometimes get Friday’s off of work and this past Friday was one of those times. It was supposed to be a bright, beautiful day. I figured I had better go into the city and get some photos with all of that nice weather and nothing else to do.

I arrived early into Chicago and immediately set out for Navy Pier. It’s a long walk but I figured I’d be there for a while. I first went to the beach and relaxed in the shade, called some people and got some landscape shots while not many people were there yet. After this I went over to Navy Pier. I walked/skated to the end of the pier so I could get some shots of the city. They came out pretty nice and it was just an overall good day out there. Super bright and sunny but wonderful. After this I went back to the beach and snapped a few more shots, this time including a whole lot of people.

Overall, it was a good day for photography. I walked somewhere between 8-10 miles in total. I walked from the middle of the city and just kind of went all over. Some Michigan Ave, some Northern areas, etc. It was a long, hot day but it was very productive.

Check the JPG page for my photos of the day. It will be worth it. I feel I got a lot of really good shots. Here is a small sample. As always, enjoy.






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One Response to “big photo update.”

  1. Aimee Crane Says:

    Eddie. The seagull shot is amazing. We have to go out and shoot together sometime. I could learn so much from you! Keep shooting I can’t wait to see more!

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