what?! more illustrations?

Yes, indeed I have blessed you with another illustration post. I know, I know… crazy, right? Yeah, it sure is. Me, the kid who hates to draw and hated illustration classes uses some skill, kind of. Anyways, this is for a project I randomly help on at work. I was tasked to create some illustrations for how to tie a tie as the client did not get permission to use some images in the final book. I, personally, feel that my images are better than the others anyway. They aren’t exactly done but they are about 95% completed. We went with black and white because it’s cheaper to print and, for this specifically color was not that important of a feature. Check em out, drop me a comment or concern.


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2 Responses to “what?! more illustrations?”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    Informational illustration. I like it. Maybe I’ll try this since I have no clue on how to tie a tie.

    • eblanken Says:

      Yeah, I don’t really know what else to call it. Infographics is basically what it is but that doesn’t fit into my categories, so I will just label that stuff as illustration. If I make a graphic for some reason and it doesn’t house text, I am just labeling it an illustration.

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