update to the blog.

Ok, well I have decided it was time for a little bit of an update to the blog. I have decided to implement the read the rest of the entry tag/link thing into a lot of posts. My hope is that it can cut down any unnecessary loading time to the blog and allow a faster, more enjoyable user experience. Oftentimes, if I have to scroll too far down on a page I will just not do it and leave the site. I don’t want that here, so I’ve gone ahead and shortened most posts to a minimal fashion. Also, if there are any images that don’t load for you, let me know. I want to fix that issue right away. I’ve noticed it happens on different posts on different computers. It’s lame and I want it fixed.

What I want from y’all readers is to give me a comment. Let me know if you like it or hate it. I can easily change it back and it wouldn’t phase me a bit. Any help is appreciated for my end, and I want to make it as sweet as possible for you to read and enjoy.

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