a design flaw?

I have a question for any designer or person that might just know my answer, as I am too lazy to look it up and just find it rather odd.

Why is it that recycling and reusing and all that garbage is called “green” and the terms going green are so often associated with recycling yet the recycling bins are bright blue? Is this a design flaw? A decision made before the whole “green” trend took off? I understand the term green and why they say it and why it’s so popular… whatever. But why is it that the green trash cans are for garbage and waste but the blue bins are for recycling? It’s just weird, that’s all. Anyone got any idea or answer for me?

One Response to “a design flaw?”

  1. xenophilicx Says:

    I’ve never thought of that before until you mentioned it. I’m curious now.

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