NEW (unnamed) FONT!

Man, I am just a “non-updating-because-I-have-nothing-to-show” kind of person lately. I am truly sorry for this lack of activity. I know I expect blogs that I read to be constantly updated. It’s fun to follow people and their work. Well, I finally have a string of updates headed your way. I have at LEAST 3 more updates after this one. Some photography and some design.

For now, I have a new typeface I’m developing. At work today, the boss was cool enough to allow me to strike out and begin work on a new font. I don’t have a name yet and it is also not even close to being complete. Here is a little background on this font: This is, by far, the hardest typeface I have set out to design so far. This is my first typeface that is coming strictly from my head. I didn’t see it anywhere, it isn’t based off of any other typeface and I am also trying to incorporate a set of alternative letters to use as well. I originally set out to create my Helvetica. MY personal best I could do. I have been sketching this typeface for a few days while riding the train. I wanted to incorporate some thicks and thins into this sans-serif. What I sketched is not exactly what I ended up with, and it’s also not my Helvetica but it is a fun time. I learned that Meta (designed by Erik Spiekermann) has some of the cues that I wanted to use so I looked at a printed type specimen to help me out. This is NOT a Meta clone though. Mine is significantly different than Meta. Anyways, here is a very small preview. As always, enjoy.


I’m currently seeking names for this font so if you have any ideas then comment, please! I have no name yet and I’m struggling with it.

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3 Responses to “NEW (unnamed) FONT!”

  1. Aimee Crane Says:

    Eddie! I need some background man! I could come up with any old name but this needs some research. What is this for? Is this top secret? I need some details!!!!

    • eblanken Says:

      It’s not top secret. It just started out as my endeavor into making a more traditional font. It will have two versions: the one in the picture with the angles in the strokes and then one regular version with flat topped strokes. It will also come in italic for both of those versions. I am working on bold versions still. They may or may not happen. I want a classic font name. Something that doesn’t sound dumb when saying you are using it. So no weird flashy names. Right now it’s just called TTD209r and TTD209i. I want an actual name though. I will have the fonts packaged together in the end so it needs to have some complete name. I don’t know. Help me out!

  2. AJ Sabino Says:

    Ed, it looks cool so far. Saw your comment on my blog so I had to come over and check the font out for myself.

    I liked the Font Book you put together, I think it’s a rather thorough collection of the fonts designers usually stick with. I’ll have to check what I have on my Mac, there me be a few Serifs you could add. The only one that comes to me off the top of my mind is Mrs. Eaves, “a transitional serif typeface designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996, and licensed by Emigre” (thanks wiki!). I’ll see if there are more…

    Back to your font: it is very nice and well-designed. I think I’ll have to see more of it before coming up with any great names, but I will definitely start to think some up. I can email you as they come to mind.

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