the font book.

So, I set out to create a small printed book that showcased the fonts that I like to use most or that I feel designers should have in their arsenal. It is not a complete comprehensive set or reference of these typefaces it is just a small book that was meant to show off the fonts in their print form instead of looking at the “Font Book” program or Linotype’s font previewing program. Anyway, take a look. It’s only 2 MB. It is still being edited and “designed” even though it’s not meant to really be a designed piece. Just something simple to be used as a reference. The table of contents isn’t really correct as far as the page numbers go so don’t bother using that. If anyone has anything to add then comment, I will fix/add it. Click the image to download it in a .pdf form.


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One Response to “the font book.”

  1. AJ Sabino Says:

    Just downloaded it, I’ll be checking it out soon! Good luck in Chicago

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