meet Chris Wymer.

So I promised more on Chris Wymer, now I deliver. I have some pretty random and funny pictures from AJ and I’s last photo shoot. Out awesome model Chris decided to give us some comic gems and I had to throw em up here. Sorry if it’s embarrassing, I found them to be awesome. Anyway, here is a little background on Wymer:

I’ve not been his friend too long. I met him through Dave Wilson. He lives in Ravenna and was basically a neighbor when I, too, lived there. He’s a super-bitchin illustrator and an amazing designer. Maybe someday he will buckle to the pressure and make a blog or a website. He’s goofy and he’s always been a good sport when it comes to modeling for pictures of mine. Here he is, enjoy.







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One Response to “meet Chris Wymer.”

  1. AJ Sabino Says:

    The Chris photos are AWESOME!! He was a great sport, all of them were really. The out takes from this shoot were amazing. My favorite is the top one, Master Chief style…and he has that crazy look in his eyes…just crazy…

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