the homeless coat: jolly.

Well, I wanted to do a little photo series in my remaining days in Kent involving portraits. I wanted to use this old, nasty coat I’ve had for a few years worn to different Mushroomhead concerts and various Halloweens. Anyway, it makes people look homeless and so this shall be called “The Homeless Coat” project. I plan on taking the best of each person and just creating a small series but until then I will just bring a few from each individual shoot.

The first victim here is Shaun Jolly. This kid looked super dirty like a month ago, sadly he has cut his hair and stuff so he was a bit cleaner now but it was still ok. I will probably re-shoot him because he just didn’t seem down-and-out enough for me but it still got the job done for now. Enjoy.







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One Response to “the homeless coat: jolly.”

  1. davidjwilson Says:

    The expression on the last picture is priceless.

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