update on life as I know it.

Well, I realize it’s been a while since I have updated anything about my actual life on here, so here goes nothing.

I did the Spring Break thing and it was a blast. I got some good photos, had some good times and had an interview. ONE interview. Lame because it was only one interview but very good because it went well. I do believe I will be working there over the summer. I want to set up a start date very soon. When all is completed maybe I will divulge some information. Anyway, since then I have actually been REALLY busy. Constant work has been coming my way in the form of writing papers, taking photos, designing random stuff and just all around regular stuff.

Here’s what’s left for me for the rest of my time in Kent: school (papers), help AJ, help Naners, leave. It’s pretty crazy. I have two more papers to finish and I’m done with school. I may actually get a 4.0 this semester too, which would be cool beans in my book. AJ and I have discussed and worked on the photos for him and they are coming along greatly. Those will be done pretty quickly. Naners’ magazine is getting finished and so that will be a relief when it’s all done. I guess all there is to do for fun is to work on a new project. I have a shitty old coat and it will be the subject of a new photography series of mine. “The Homeless Coat” will feature all the best models of my photography “career.” No doubt Lou will be in there, Dave, Wymer, AJ, Jolly, and more. It will be a fun time. I’m excited for it to take shape soon.

I guess this is pretty much it for me. School is keeping me busy and it will continue that trend for about 3 more weeks. Until I’m in Chicago school is all I have to worry about anyway. I will have more work to post soon.

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