my home for now: revisited.

I decided to go out and explore some more around the town I live in while I am still there. I only have until the 30th to actually live there so I figured I might as well go find something new and fun to photograph. Here’s what I arrived at.



I do realize it’s basically the same shot of the same place. I did a whole series here. Anyway, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I posted both. I think that the first image really represents my photographic style. It has a good amount of darks and lights and this is what I usually go for. It gives a sense of dark, horrible surroundings and that the workers come out of there hating it. However, the 2nd image is just too cool looking to not post. It has this sinister glow that I find pretty¬†striking. It gives a different feel that is a little more inviting but still hides some sort of evil behind it.

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