house for sale.

The great and almighty House Industries is having a sale. I love House Industries’ fonts. I think they just have such a good feel to them, especially their script fonts. I believe that every designer should know who these people are but sadly, almost nobody I talk to does. Anyway, they cleaned some space out and decided to have a little sale. Their work can be seen on a lot of products right now. Ivory soap, Suave shampoo, Wired Magazine (current issue) and even Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Rat Fink character.

What I am looking for is a person to go with me and help fund this 6 hour 30 minute drive to Delaware. I am looking for some gas money, some food whatever. I want to get there and just take in this place and see what goes on, even if just for a moment. I love type and all the stuff that comes with it so this would be somewhat of a pilgrimage for me. Anyway, if you want to join in then let me know. It would be a blast. Click the link for some details.

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