treasures from home.

So, I have another long post here. This one is a little more fun though.

I went home over the weekend/holiday and was wandering around the house and noticed these old toys that my sister and I had as kids. Cabbage Patch Kids are just plan creepy but are pretty cool toys when you really stop to look at them. These things have lasted around 20 years each. The big hard-molded plastic heads, the fabric used for the bodies and even the clothes were all made to a different standard than what today’s toys are held to. Take a look at how old, dirty, broken and torn they are becoming and then think of how a toy now would be in 20 years. Anyway, I thought they were interesting, hopefully you do too.







And now for my personal favorite. Notice the little “tongue” inside the mouth. Kind of takes it to a different level of creepy.


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