evolution skateshop: round two.

So, after working on the Evolution logo for a while a few weeks back (yeah, I know I just posted it) I decided to get working on some deck designs for them. I was in the shop earlier this semester and asked about their current deck designer. It’s your basic illustration that is kind of crappy looking. But hey, it’s the style right now in the skate community. Well, I don’t really like this style and I’m more intrigued by snowboard designs. The clean lines, the bright colors. They are just more design based than traditional skateboard images.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


1. “Designer Deck”
2. “Take Flight”
3. “Peppermint-Patty”
4. “Standard”

Obviously I went with the connecting-type treatment again for the graphics on 3 of the 4 decks. I was really into this at the time and it just really fits this situation. The letters evolve into each other to form a new being within the text. Also, the two O’s within the word “Evolution” are connecting and splitting, like when cells are splitting in an embryo or a mutating species.

The wings are on the black deck because taking some sort of flight is what a skateboard is used for these days. It also has a slight bit of a graffiti feel to it within the wings and the O’s.

The orange deck is a play on the designer clothes that plaster their logos all over the fabric. I like how they use lines in those pieces (most notably purses) and so I decided to implement them here. Also, the feel of money when looking at this deck is on purpose as the designer things are usually pretty expensive.

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