next up: spring break.

Spring Break is fast approaching. I, along with my beautiful girlfriend are heading to Chicago for what we hope will be some nice sunny days of walking aimlessly around the city. Some good news is that I have an interview on Tuesday the 24th. I’m nervous but very excited. I have to wake up super early and catch a super early train into the city but all is well. Their 7 is our 8 so it won’t be a problem. We are also going to be checking up on some housing at some point if we can get an escort (my uncle) to tag along with us. I’m not too good with the South Side so I’d like him to come and be our guide but if not we will just rough it and do it ourselves.

Saturday morning at 5 am we are departing from Clyde to head out on this journey. I can’t wait. I am so tired of Kent State and just need a change of scenery. It’s pretty crazy to think that in another month or two I will no longer have to be in Kent anymore. I will be officially done with the school upon starting/completing 300 hours of internship. I’m ready. I want to get out there and get some real work done. Before I can embark on Spring Break fun-stuff I need to write at least 1/2 of a paper that is due on Wednesday and then just attend class on Thursday. I’m really thinking of not going to class on Friday but most likely will. I paid for it so I might as well go. Oh well, hopefully I will get some other design related things done this week so I can have something to update with.

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